• Display Location data on Component Reports
    • For properties that use organize their components by “Location”, that location is displayed on the HTML & PDF versions of the following reports: Component Inventory, Component Photo and Details, and Anticipated Expenditures
  • Data Import Requests
    • Infrastructure to support on-site property data sent from our data collection partners in the field


  • Reserve Disclosure Plan Selection
    • When viewing the Reserve Disclosure Report, if a funding plan is not selected users are asked to select one
  • Photo Sorting on Bulk Upload
    • Users often take photos in a particular order, and that order is now maintained when photos are uploaded
  • Funding Reports
    • Enhanced the Anticipated Expenditures column to better show all individual component expenses per year

Bug Fixes

  • Fix display of Fiscal Year End Date on the Disclosure Report
  • Allow decimal places in the Annual Fees section of the Disclosure Reports