About SmartProperty

SmartProperty was born in Solana Beach, CA from 35 years of industry experience and more than 20,000 capital reserve studies completed, helping hundreds of properties manage and plan for their future.

After many years of providing traditional capital reserve studies, we were incorporated with the idea that we could do it better. The problem with capital reserve studies is that they are static and the information is stale by the time they are completed. They can’t be used as a living tool to better plan for the future.

SmartProperty is a dynamic tool that can be updated anytime, anywhere. This living capital reserve history will give you greater control of your finances and create a predictable future for your property.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to give property managers innovative tools that make their jobs so much easier and change their lives so profoundly that they’ll never even think of going back to the old way of doing things.

Meet The Team

Damian Esparza


Casey Rubano


Kim Gambino

Software Developer


Greg Drakos

Bob Nascenzi

Todd Teta

Chris Sanders

Capital Reserve planning used to be complicated and tedious, but not anymore—not with SmartProperty. We’ve designed a user-friendly product easy enough for anyone to use but powerful enough for the pros.

Our team has over 35 years of domain experience in real estate and technology with a mission to help people manage their future with smarter decisions and greater confidence.

“Fun, fast, and flexible” is our motto. We believe in innovation, hard work, listening to our customers, and solving big problems—with a break every now and again to surf, go fishing, or just enjoy the California sunshine (we’re based in San Diego).

We build technology that helps property managers do their jobs better so that their owners can enjoy where they live, stress less about the future, and just be happy. In the end, we feel like if we’re not making other people’s lives better, we’re not doing our job.


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“SmartProperty lets you forget about your dated, hardcopy reserve tracking sheets and brings you into the new world of real-time reporting and management. With SmartProperty, you get accurate reserve funding and the ability to strategize in real-time. Plus, you can prioritize or change project years and/or dates, and you stay organized. It’s the best property management tool I’ve ever seen.”

Vincent Rapolla, General Manager, FirstService Residential at 77 Hudson

“Before SmartProperty, the amount of time and communication it would take to complete a project was endless. Now, with SmartProperty, I can give access to my vendors or contractors to update components in real-time when applicable. With the ability to upload photos or files of work orders or service requests, I can keep track of all the moving parts within my project at the touch of a button whenever I need to.”

Shawn Racoma, Chief Engineer, The Whaler at Kaanapali Beach AOAO